In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the important things that are going to bring you legit results and change the way you see Digital Marketing.

Yes. I know you might be wondering what it is going to be but trust me the things I’m going to share in this article are needed to be heard by all the people who are involved in digital marketing.

Let’s jump right into the topic!

#1. Fundamentals of Marketing- No not what you think!

Let’s get the very basic definition of Marketing right,

“Marketing is based on Science & not on…

2.0 The movie

Have you watched the 2.0 movie? Then you know what I’m talking about. We all have different versions to ourselves and the version keeps upgrading (hopefully!) throughout our lives. We are not the same mischievous naughty kid when we were 10 years old. Our thought process change, our goals change, we lose friends ,we gain friends, some lose or gain weight but the point is we’re changing indeed!

Thivya Bharathi

Foodie | Blogger | Engineer

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