11 Important things about Digital Marketing Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You Actually

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the important things that are going to bring you legit results and change the way you see Digital Marketing.

Yes. I know you might be wondering what it is going to be but trust me the things I’m going to share in this article are needed to be heard by all the people who are involved in digital marketing.

Let’s jump right into the topic!

#1. Fundamentals of Marketing- No not what you think!

Let’s get the very basic definition of Marketing right,

“Marketing is based on Science & not on Creativity”

Yes, you read it right.

Everything in this world has a science behind it. From what we breathe to what we do everything involves science. Unlike opinions and myths, it’s not subjective.

You might have heard that you need to be creative to excel in fields like Digital Marketing but that’s a complete myth. If you can master the science behind the Digital Marketing you can do wonders in this field!

To give an example, only human taste and culture has evolved over these years and not their psychology. It is the same when it was in the caveman period. Hence it is better to decide and plan appropriate strategies based on psychology rather than subjective opinions and statements.

#2. A great product/service sells itself.

Creating a good product makes selling very very easy.

In this world full of products, if you want your products/services to sell itself, understand and study your target customers needs and desires completely before developing your products/service.

Then you should be thinking,

Why do I need to do Digital Marketing if a good product sells itself?

To answer that question, here comes point number #3

#3. A great communication tool to vocalise your products.

Building trust with a large number of people simply called #MassTrust.

“Marketing is all about developing trust with lots of strangers”

Marketing should be seen as a great communication tool to vocalise loudly about your product to a large number of masses in a better way so that it gets good reach and your target audience’s attention.

#MassTrust Blueprint by Digital Deepak

To give an example, if you are someone who watches television advertisements, the brand that gets repeated many times during the ad break is the one that gains the highest trust among the other brands. We, humans, trust things that we see and engage with on the daily basis. Hence, it is easier to show up multiple ads of the same brand and gain the trust of the mass! #MassTrust

#4. The Best Channel for Marketing ever!

“Word of Mouth”

This stands the best when it comes to getting your first few clients for your service or consumers for your product.

There are other channels where it gets good traction for your products like Advertising, Copywriting and Sales. These give great results when used to their fullest potential.

To give an example, If you are searching for the best beauty spa to get your nails done, Are you more likely to trust a recommendation made by your friend/colleague Or a Facebook/Youtube/Google ads suggestion that you see on the internet? I’m sure you would go by your friend’s recommendation since it’s coming from a more reliable source. Well, that’s the power of word of mouth!

#5. Deciding where to Compete is half your success.

Digital Marketing is a very vast field.

To ensure you get the right amount of traction, finding your niche becomes very important.

You can try a variety of things and select the one you’re best at, also make sure the competition is not very high in the particular niche so that you can be the No.1

How to choose your Niche

To give an example for this, if you consider a food restaurant — they serve different varieties of food items but the thing is, there are lots of other restaurants which are going to offer the same varieties or even more with better menu varieties, the competition is still high in this scenario.

At the same time, if you look at big brands like, Burger King, McDonald’s, ChaiKing, Domino’s they all have a niche called Burgers, Tea, pizza for which they are known for among the people. This will narrow down your competition funnel & make your digital marketing game level up.

#6. Understanding Economics & Marketing.

“ A Country’s economy goes up as the average age of the country goes up”

While targeting customers, focus more on developing countries rather than developed countries since the developing country’s economy is going to skyrocket when it grows up.

You might be keen to know what books to read if you want to understand this concept more on a deeper level, here it goes!

  1. Economics 101 by Alfred Mill
  2. Currency Wars by James Rickards
  3. Capital in 21st Century by Thomas Piketty

To back up this, most of us were faced with difficult situations during Covid 19 outbreak. All our business whether online/offline, we were all worried about our customers and revenue. To make informed decisions during tough situations, understanding the economy becomes helpful for us to shift our focus from one area to another.

#7. Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Television ads reach millions (197 million homes has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion) at a lower cost compared to other digital means.

Next comes the Radio with 65% of the population reach and Newspapers with 465 million people reach.

Do you still think they are an outdated approach? I doubt it!

Most of the people of age >50 still use these mediums to discover about new products, events and services since social media and smartphone usage are beyond their scope!

#9. CATT Marketing Funnel is basic!

CATT Marketing Funnel for your all campaigns!

As you can see,

C- Content- eg. Blogs, posts, videos, leads etc

A- Attention- eg. SEO, social media paid ads etc.

T- Trust- eg. Using tripwires, marketing automation and retargeting.

T- Transaction- eg. Convert using natural sales method.

Enough of abbreviations and let’s see what it has to offer to your marketing campaigns!

I mentioned in #5 that niche narrow downs your competition funnel and makes you more noticeable. For that to happen, this CATT strategy comes in handy.

You decide your niche called “Football news”. (Content)-You write useful content about football matches and the star players performance in the latest match. (Attention)-You drive more traffic to your content and create a fanbase/audience. (Trust)- By this time, you have built the trust among your target audience so that they look up to your blog posts to know about the upcoming football matches and your predictions or comments about the match. (Transaction)- Now that you have built your audience base, you can now sell your products related to football like t-shirts, keychains etc and they will be sold out naturally without any need for marketing.

This is how you can strategize this CATT funnel according to your niche!

#10. It is not a one-step process instead it’s a working mechanism.

Many of us focus only on paid marketing alone or email marketing alone or SEO alone or sometimes even just posting on social media alone!

No! They all have to work in sync to achieve the desired results.

Get all of them on board to reap excellent results!

In simple terms, we are going to integrate all the aspects of digital marketing into a working mechanism that is going to sell and convert forever.

Sounds interesting right? Let me explain this with a real-life example.

A services agency named X was one of our clients. When they approached us they merely had any social presence and they had spent nearly $1500 on paid ads only to get zero clients.

So we first set up their online social media profiles and made sure we posted consistent content every day with engaging posts. We also improvised their blogs SEO and made sure it was listed in the organic google search results. We also promoted their content about their services through organic reach and paid ads from time to time. We built their customer base by creating a mailing list from their blogs and sent out promotional newsletters regarding their services and client testimonials. Eventually within a few weeks, many started converting and opted for their services and became their clients. This is one of the success stories of Integrated Marketing strategy!

#11. Personal Branding speaks volumes than you can imagine.

You might be wondering what personal branding has to do with Digital Marketing.

If you would have noticed, the big CEOs have a huge following than their companies like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs.

If you can become a brand yourself, whatever you launch or start it will already be well-received by your audience which will make the sale or conversion process natural and pretty quick.

So Why not consider building your brand before you launch your product or service to your customer base!

That brings us to the end, I hope to see you implementing these ideas/tips/tricks in your marketing strategy/funnel. All these ideas are handpicked & curated by myself so that it would be beneficial to those who are just starting in this field.

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